Michigan Psychic at Opening Detroit Tiger Games, University of Michigan, Michigan State University



The Traveling Psychics Entertain At The Universities

The Traveling Psychics are well known in the Michigan and Ohio college communities. Their presence is known at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and Michigan State University in Lansing, MI. The college’s students are happy to receive psychic tarot card readings from the best psychics serving Washtenaw County and Ingham County. They just delight in the valuable information that they receive from the fantastic palm readers that gather around them from this delightful entertainment company.

Michigan State and University of Michigan

The ones that are in charge of the search for talented fortune tellers to provide readings at the student hall always choose Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen and The Traveling Psychics first. This popular group is also a huge hit at the public and private high schools all over Oakland County and Macomb. Their pricing is affordable. Many people hire them for fundraisers and charities because they attract huge crowds of enthusiasts.

Tarot Card Reader at Detroit Tiger Opening Day for Yahoo 

This group of savvy clairvoyants are also invited to all the game day party celebrations to celebrate the big wins for the University of Michigan Wolverines Foot Ball Team and Michigan State Spartans Football Team. Master Sherrie Ellen of Oakland County is also a regular at the Detroit Beer Brewery to entertain for Fortune Group 100 Company of Yahoo for the opening day of the Detroit Tigers Game. She is a regular in Wayne County. This gracious lady is always invited to stop by with her angels and watch the Tigers play ball as she reads in-between baseball innings in corporate owned suites in Comerica Park.

Archangel Michael Always Accompanies These Michigan Psychics

When people meet Master clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen they seem to not be able to get enough of her. They love this light workers positive energy. Her presence lightens every room and all the hearts that she touches. On her travels Archangel Michelle accompanies her for protection. Her chakras radiate clarity, peace and genuine love. Many compare her to Buddha. She just has this beautiful glow that shines from deep within her very soul. She is kind and vivacious. This old soul has a young heart which is why everyone can relate to her

The Traveling Psychics

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Commerce Township Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen : Union Lake

Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen is proud to be the owner and proprietor of The Traveling Psychics, Oakland County Michigan.  Below you can find some background information on Commerce Township, where Master Clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen’s Michigan Psychic Reading Room is located.

About Commerce Township, MI

Commerce Township, Michigan can be found in the lovely lakes area of Northern Oakland County in the prize winning Walled Lake School District.  Commerce Township is well known for have lakes community with breathtaking all sports lakes abundant with many species of fish. The have easy access to the e-ways through M-5, waterfront restaurant’s that are known to be the host of many sea planes.

While a relatively small city, there is a host of culture and history associated with Commerce Township.  Coming to see Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen, attend Orchard Grove Community Church, and  and dine at A Matter Of Taste are a few of the reasons people come to this community. Many folks choose to spend their Sundays getting psychic readings in the Union Lake area at Sherrie Ellens Psychic Reading Room.




The Traveling Psychics : Psychic of Oakland County Michigan (248) 505-9227

The Traveling Psychics Metropolitan Detroit area entertainment company is nestled in the suburbs of Oakland County. One of their prize readers entertained for the residents at Buckingham Palace to comfort at times of need. They used to stay at this awesome Inn when visiting the Royal family in London England. He always talked about how gracious people were when he traveled to the United Kingdom. This gentleman works very closely with Oakland County psychic medium Sherrie Ellen. Roberto is one of the most enchanting palm readers and astrologers that she has ever met. His wife is a very talented tarot card reader. This exciting trio entertains all over the state of Michigan for schools, home parties, and country clubs.

Michigan Psychic Sherrie Ellen’s Meditation Practice


The Universe pushed psychic medium Sherrie Ellen to keep her word. With Sundays tyrannical storms and high winds knocking out Sherrie Ellen’s electricity in Oakland County, Michigan it forced her to get back into the grove of meditating. She was saying that she was going to meditate more. Michigan Psychic Sherrie Ellen was procrastinating. The universe stepped in and made her keep her word. Since she was without a working computer and she juiced the batter in her iPad there was nowhere else for her to go but deep into meditation. And it felt so good. Sherrie Ellen is going on the road with meditation circles. Let her know if you would like her to come out and lead a meditation party circle at your home or business. She is also available for private readings in Southwest Michigan. She is one of The Traveling Psychics who are the leaders in the Detroit psychic entertainment scene. They are hired by private individuals and corporations to give demonstrations and entertain at their lavish events all over the state of Michigan.

Rock Your Party Out With The Traveling Psychics Popular British Psychic DJ



The Traveling Psychics is presenting our fabulous British Psychic DJ. He works with Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen. This incredible Grosse Pointe  Psychic DJ rocks out the music that everyone loves before they utter a word. He can predict the tunes that your guests will want to hear the most. He is loaded up with all the latest greatest hits from today and yesterday. We are available for weddings, Bartmitzvahs, Graduation Celebrations, Annivererys, Holiday Gatherings, County Clubs and yacht parties. We are very reasonably prices. We are the best Michigan psychic entertainers in the country. Our gifts are rare and real. Our psychic tarot card readers will rock to the music with you!  (248) 505-9227