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The Traveling Psychics is presenting our fabulous British Psychic DJ. He works with Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen. This incredible Grosse Pointe  Psychic DJ rocks out the music that everyone loves before they utter a word. He can predict the tunes that your guests will want to hear the most. He is loaded up with all the latest greatest hits from today and yesterday. We are available for weddings, Bartmitzvahs, Graduation Celebrations, Annivererys, Holiday Gatherings, County Clubs and yacht parties. We are very reasonably prices. We are the best Michigan psychic entertainers in the country. Our gifts are rare and real. Our psychic tarot card readers will rock to the music with you!  (248) 505-9227

Michigan psychic and intuitive clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen

Psychic Sherrie Ellen and The Traveling Psychics are available for Halloween parties and July 4, 2014.

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When searching for a virtuous Michigan psychic call Master intuitive clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen from Oakland County. She is one of the most unsurpassed readers for The Traveling Psychics. Actually metro Detroit medium Sherrie Ellen is the one that does the testing, hiring and firing. Her high standards are what keep this fabulous entertainment company number one in the industry. She only supply’s the very best and highly efficient tarot card readers and palm readers in the country for events all over the USA.

Sherrie Ellen is one of the most awesome psychics in Michigan. People from all around the world depend on her deep and altruistic heartfelt advice served up by her beloved archangels Michael, Uriel and Raphael. She calls them Team Angel. Also she gets profound advice directory from god almighty himself. This clear channel also collaborates with both of her grandmothers whom are advanced souls from the…

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Michigan Psychic Sherrie Ellen of Oakland County


Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen took off her rose colored glasses years ago. She accepts reality as it is. She sees the good and the bad. She does not try and change her visions, or sugar coat anything. Things are just what they are. And by accepting this kind of thought pattern she finds the acceptance of reality, and by living in the truth saves a great deal of heart ache and pain in the long run. There is only synchronicity. There are definitely no coincidences or accidents that happen on earth. We are transported to this field of energy. Here we are thrown into a mirrored world of dark and light. Or we can call it good and evil. And yes we walk the same planet here on earth that holds some of the darkest souls that you would never encounter once you leave this manifestation. There is more good then dark. But when you encounter the blackest of souls that live on this earth it can turn your life in to a roller-coaster ride of the deepest tragedy if you let your guard down. Master Sherrie Ellen is one of the luckiest, purist and most protected souls that walks on this earth plain. Most of the time when she is attacked by negative and hateful fellow humans she has learned to laugh at some of the totally ridiculous things that they try and do to her. This is because if they really know who she was then they would know better from the very beginning. She is not an easy mark.  Once in a while she will give them a little swipe back. But she is no little pussy cat. Sherrie Ellen is one of the most powerful spirits that you will ever meet. This lady is never boastful or arrogant. She is extremely humble. That is what expected of her from the team of loyal spirits that accompany her and aid in her spiritual journey as a servant of the most holy god. Most people have not the slightest clue who this woman is, how strong her powers are, and how successful she is and will become. The more successful she becomes the less ostentatious and pretentious she lives. Sherrie Ellen does not want distractions from her life purpose of becoming the best of what she is meant to be by harvesting her skills to superlative potential for the highest of calling. We all have challenges. Sometimes it’s hard to look the truth straight in the eye.

Master Oakland County psychic medium Sherrie Ellen who is one of the most commended clairvoyants in the Metro Detroit area. She is located in the beautiful lakes area of Commerce Township, MI. The Traveling Psychics would love to come and read at your next event.



Psychic Readings in Commerce Township, Michigan

Sherrie Ellen’s Psychic Reading Room is having a tiny Michigan psychic fair by appointment only in Commerce Township, MI 48382. She will be offering mini to full psychic readings on Sunday’s June 2014 from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m to all patrons. We are available seven days a week and offer our psychic services by appointment every day of the week. If we get a huge response then The Traveling Psychics will stop by to pick up the over load. We offer tarot card readings, angel card reading, mediumship, psychic readings and so much more. Sherrie Ellen is located in a lovely lakes area community in Oakland County.

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Great Michigan psychics in Detroit are reading with The Traveling Psychics in Commerce Township

Our elite group of highly talented Michigan psychics, clairvoyants, tarot card readers and esteemed angel channels are among the best in Southeast and Southwest MI. If you’re a regular to Michigan psychic events, you probably have not had the opportunity to meet any of our great astrologers, palm readers, past life regression experts and Spiritualist mediums because they do not have the time or interest in participating in psychic fairs. We offer more privacy and total confidentiality when you come to our private location for a spiritual consultation.

Master psychic medium Sherrie Ellen has gathered to Oakland County some of the very best Metro Detroit area intuitive clairvoyants that are practicing. We will travel all though out the state to entertain at special events. We are a popular society within ourselves that is hired to entertain at fortune group 100 corporate events and school functions. Our psychic readers are the first choice for home parties. Sherrie Ellen and her The Traveling Psychics are available for private readings. We are located in Commerce Township, MI 48382.


Call for an appointment (248) 505-9227

 We are open all 7 days of the week

The best Michigan psychics in Metro Detroit are reading with The Traveling Psychics. We are available for readings in Oakland County on psychics Sundays Mini Michigan Psychic Fair. This is located on Master Sherrie Ellen’s personal property. Sherrie Ellen is available for readings 7 days a week. We are all available for parties. We do love to party!