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The best Detroit psychics are called The Traveling Psychics. Internationally known Metro area, Detroit psychic medium Sherrie Ellen and her marvelously gifted tarot card readers are looking forward to entertaining at your next event. Sherrie Ellen is available for private readings in Oakland County, Michigan. She is located in Commerce Township, MI.

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The Traveling Psychics have the latest ideas in Michigan psychic entertainment. We are proud to anounce that we are offering past life regression parties by our new hypnotist. She has been trained by world renowned author and expert Dr. Brian Weiss who is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School. Psychic medium Sherrie Ellen is available for private consultations by phone and in person. She has been spending a lot of time these days in isolation making certain that there are no static cobwebs in her chanels. Sherrie Ellen wants to make certain that she is crystal clear just for you so she can give you what is expected of her which is the very best. That is why she stays away from negative people and negative situations. This Master  who is a natural born psychic medium and clairvoyant walks in the light of the angels.


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Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen- Commerce Township, MI 48382



One of the most reliable Michigan psychics is Master psychic medium Sherrie Ellen. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient among her many other intuitive skills. She finds it insulting when people call her a fortune teller even though she has predicted many folks good fortune before it manifested into their lives. She will read tarot cards at events, and always has them at her reading table. But she will tell you that she is not a card reader.

Sherrie Ellen and her readers entertain at events in Shelby, Utica, Walled Lake, Livoinia, Birmingham MI, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Ann Arbor, MI and the entire state.

The Best Michigan Psychics Are Ready To Serve You.

The Best Michigan Psychics Are Ready To Serve You.

Michigan psychic and medium Sherrie Ellen always gives honest and deliciously accurate readings for her beloved public. Sherrie works closely with her angels and guides and other higher energies of the spirit world. She will not filter any information she receives. Some times she has to break down the information into a simpler dialog so her subjects can understand the content with clarity.

Put some spring into your step and have a Michigan psychic party

The coolest Michigan psychics are The Traveling Psychics. We are open and taking reservations for school and summer parties. Invite us to read at your next BBQ.

Get a new lease on life by getting a phone reading at  Sherrie Ellen’s Psychic Reading Room. This woman gives divinely accurate readings in person and on the phone. She has a internationally list of long and loyal clients. Many people jet in on their private planes just to get their readings in person.